Go Small to Max Out Your Golden Years

Go Small to Max Out Your Golden Years

by Michael Longsdon from ElderFreedom.net

Sometimes less is more, and that’s certainly the case when you downsize. Instead of a large house with all of the responsibility that it entails, you’ll have a smaller one more suited to your new lifestyle. For one thing, the utility bills are lower, leaving you with more money at the end of the month, and that’s in addition to the chunk of change you’ve earned from the sale of your old digs. Throw in the fact that you can live where you want and you’ve got the recipe for good times in your golden years. There’s just one thing: the sheer difficulty of relocating. Well, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be too hard if you take it step by step and follow this advice.


Get Started Early


That’s because it could take a few months to sell your old home and find a new one that fits your needs. Finding a good real estate agent to move the process along and choosing the right time to hit the market speeds up the process, as would knowing exactly what you want in your new property to avoid an endless series of open house visits.


Set a Budget


There are a lot of factors that enter into the equation, including the value of your current property, which you can find out through an appraisal. Don’t forget to consider how much money you’d like left when the dealing is done. This profit will come in handy for investments and future retirement income.


Choose the Right Locale


Escaping the frigid winters up north is the aim of many retirees, which would make Florida an ideal destination. However, the cost of living should not be ignored, as the Sunshine State is rather expensive, making other options more appealing. Getting more specific, you’ll want an area with all the amenities you need for comfortable living, and that includes medical care.


Look at Properties Online


Real estate agents no longer have a monopoly on information on homes in your desired market, and you can find almost everything you need to know online, including prices, with some detailed photos and videos of interiors thrown in for good measure. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with a professional, as they still provide plenty of valuable services.


Select a Qualified Mover


Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, it’s time to begin the serious business of relocating, which isn’t easy. Finding the right moving company takes away some of the stress, and Lifehacker recommends starting your search a month in advance, adding that Yelp and the Better Business Bureau prove very useful in this process. The national average cost of moving within the same state is $2,300.


Purge Old Belongings


Not everything needs to go with you. In fact, you should get rid of quite a lot, as you’re moving into a smaller space. This calls for a massive decluttering, and many organizational experts swear by the KonMari method, which involves approaching each object in your home and deciding whether you really need it or love it. If not, off it goes to charity.


Get Organized with Packing


Although packing is important, the same rings true for unpacking. The key is knowing where you’ll put everything once you arrive, and coming up with a plan using a layout of the new place. Label all of your boxes according to which room the items are destined for, with one set aside for essentials. The Spruce recommends getting the kitchen done first.


Settle In


There’s more to this than just plunking yourself down on the couch with a beer or glass of wine. Learn about the neighborhood; otherwise, you’ll be wandering around like a lost tourist in your own hometown. Take a walk or bike ride with an eye out for shops, banks, restaurants, and anything else you need to live comfortably.


Now that the work is done, your life is simplified and it’s time to get down to the serious act of living. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself during this time of your life!

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